Hi-Lift Jack Mount
For stock Toyota Roof Rack

Hi Lift Bracket mounted on stock roof rack

Hi-Lift Mount for stock Roof Rack
Part: SOF1005 - $45.00
Requires Yakima Mighty Mounts to be purchased separate.

Out of stock - will return soon!

Slee Off-Road has designed a bracket system that enables you to safely mount the hi-lift jack on the factory roof rack for most Toyota SUV's. Utilizing a standard Mighty Mount adapter from Yakima, the system bolts on in minutes.

The older Mighty Mounts (1V and 10V) from Yakima have been discontinued, however these brackets will still work with the new Yakima Universal Brackets (as shown).

Two large 1/2" bolts with wing nuts clamp the jack down and keeps it secure and out of harms way until needed.

The hi-lift brackets are supplied without the Yakima mounts. These can be purchased at any Yakima dealer. If you already own a Yakima Ski rack you can re-use your existing mounts.

Deatiled photo of the mount showing the orientation of the top hold down bracket on the handle side of the jack

The orientation of the top hold down bracket on the base side of the jack

Yakima Universal Mounts (Part #03590)