Toyota OEM Cup Holder

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Installation Instructions

Part: TOY1004 - $75.00
1995-97 Toyota Land Cruiser

For some unknown reason Toyota didn't include a factory cup holder in an 80 Series that was imported to the US. The cup holder replaces the slot above the radio. Installation is quick and easy.

Heated Seat Kit

Part: STF1009 - $295.00 Per Kit
1993-97 Land Cruiser - Pair

The kit is supplied with a LED Ultra thin membrane switch that regulates temperature setting and provides diagnostic feedback. The 1/2" switch has a peel and stick backing for easy installation.

The system is controlled by a singe controller for both seat heater elements. The controller has a power management feature that prevents current overloading.

The controller uses a single hookup for power for both seats with a fuse tap that uses a LED to indicate correct connection.

Kit includes:

Installation requires removing seat covers.

New membrane switch and fuse tap connector.

Slee Interior Bar with Tire Mount

Details and Pictures
Slee Interior Bar with Tire Mount
Part: SOF1237 - $200.00
* Requires Drilling
Generic Mounting Bracket
Part: SOF1066 - $10.00 - Each
1991-97 Land Cruiser