Toyota OEM Cup Holder

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Installation Instructions

Part: TOY1004 - $75.00
1995-97 Toyota Land Cruiser

For some unknown reason Toyota didn't include a factory cup holder in 80 Series that was imported to the US. The cup holder replaces the slot above the radio. Installation takes a couple of minutes.

Toyota OEM Hand Throttle

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Installation Instructions

Part: TOY1003 - $51.00
Out Of Stock - Coming Back Soon
1991-97 Land Cruiser

Keep RPM's up while winching. This can be especially difficult when you're outside the vehicle. The Toyota factory hand throttle is a great addition to any trail vehicle. Installation takes minutes in any 1991-1997 Land Cruiser.

* Some Land Cruisers may require additional parts. Verify your hand throttle assembly has the proper mounting points. Contact us if you should have questions or concerns.

Heated Seat Kit

Part: STF1009 - $295.00 Per Kit
1993-97 Land Cruiser - Pair

The kit is supplied with a LED Ultra thin membrane switch that regulates temperature setting and provides diagnostic feedback. The 1/2" switch has a peel and stick backing for easy installation.

The system is controlled by a singe controller for both seat heater elements. The controller has a power management feature that prevents current overloading.

The controller uses a single hookup for power for both seats with a fuse tap that uses a LED to indicate correct connection.

Kit includes:

Installation requires removing seat covers.

New membrane switch and fuse tap connector.

Slee Interior Bar with Tire Mount

Details and Pictures
Slee Interior Bar with Tire Mount
Part: SOF1237 - $200.00
* Requires Drilling
Generic Mounting Bracket
Part: SOF1066 - $10.00 - Each
1991-97 Land Cruiser