Land Cruiser 80 Series
Slee Lift Kits

Fits 1991-1997 Land Cruiser

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The Slee lift kits were designed to give you the ultimate in off-road ability yet retain good street manners. The kits are offered as complete bolt on solutions, but the customer with the necessary skills and tools can save some money by buying the Do-It-Yourself kits that involve some cutting, drilling and welding.

The kits consist of all the parts to do the lift correctly and addresses all the driveline and steering geometry issues that arise from lifting a coil sprung vehicle. Using proper rates springs and adjustable rods and arms, together with caster correction methods that does not require drop brackets, you achieve the maximum under belly clearance without sacrificing handling.

Land Cruiser 80 Series
Slee 6" Lift Kit

Some parts have changed since photograph has been taken.

The 6" lift kit was develop as the ultimate off-road kit available for the 80 Series Land Cruiser. This kit approaches the maximum possible lift for a 80 Series Land Cruiser before one enters the world of custom fabrication and redoing the link system due to excessive angles and possible damage/binding when articulating. Although the truck is still 100% drivable and has handling, this is the kit that we recommend for the people that want to run 35" or larger tires and want to play hard.

The kit uses custom Slee 6" coil springs that have a heavy spring rate to accommodate the most common accessories fitted to off-road trucks. The SOF5FM and SOF5RM Medium Load springs are set up to handle 250 lbs in the front and 400 lbs in the rear and still yield a 6" lift. For extra heavy applications the SOF5RH Rear springs can be used.

The stiffer spring rate were chosen for minimal body roll on-road, yet still retain good articulation off-road. This offers a much improved ride over using a softer spring with spacers to achieve the same lift height.

Caster is addressed by custom Slee front control arms that machined as a single piece from 1.75" plate. The eyelets that accept stock Toyota bushings. The arms correct both the caster and also the positioning of the front axle.

Panhard rods (sometimes called lateral rods or track bars) are supplied with custom machined adjustable joints ensuring that the axle tracking can be dialed in 100% for each vehicle, no matter what the lift height turns out to be.

Vibrations are addressed by a double cardan front drive shaft to ensure smooth operation. The rear drive line angles are adjustable by using the rear adjustable upper control arms. In most cases the pinion can be rotated down to correct the rear drive line angle changes. In rare occasions, this is not possible and the customer has to add a rear double cardan shaft to ensure smooth drive line operation.

To prevent over stretching of the brake lines, a set of direct replacement DOT approved lines are supplied. These lines come complete with clips, and feature a sheath covered woven steel braid.  The lines are 4" longer than stock.

The necessary drop brackets and spacers are supplied to return swaybar close to stock positions. Bumpstop drop blocks are supplied to ensure that the supplied OME Nitrocharger shocks are not over compressed and damaged. The kit is supplied with longer direct bolt in OME shocks to ensure proper articulation.

However it is possible to achieve more articulation with this setup, but that requires custom shocks and fabrication.

Slee 6" Lift installed on Venezuela Spec 80 Series

Land Cruiser 80 Series
Slee 4" Lift Kit

Fits 1991-1997 Land Cruiser

The 4" lift kit was put together for people that want to run up to a 35" tire, have good handling yet still use the vehicle on a daily basis for commuting or long overland trips. The spring rates were chosen to give a stable on-road ride, even for heavily loaded trucks.

As with the 6" kit, the spring rates of the SOF4FM and SOF4RM springs are chosen for 250lbs additional weight on the front and 400 lbs in the rear.

This kit contains all of the same parts as the SOF 6" Kit, except the springs yield 4" lift.

Instead of the front control arms, this kit corrects the caster with the Slee Caster Plates. These plates provide caster correction by using the stock front control arms but rotating the mounting points. Minimal cutting is required to fit the plates and a small amount of welding is recommended on the fitment.

Other than the above mentioned differences, the kit components are the same.


Land Cruiser 80 Series
Slee Kits

Slee 6" Lift Kit
Part #: SOF1044

Slee 6" DIY Kit
Part #: SOF1045

Slee 4" Lift Kit
Part #: SOF1058

Slee 4" DIY Lift Kit
Part #: SOF1060

If you wish to read more on the effects of lift height, tire size and the issues involved, refer to our article "Lift size vs. Tire Size"

Do-It-Yourself Kits

These kits require cutting the panhard rods and upper control arms and install the supplied adjusters.

We suggest that the adjusters be TIG welded into the arms to ensure proper weld joints.

In addition on the 6" kit the front control arms are supplied uncoated and without bushings. You receive press pieces to aid in installing the bushings into the arms.

The oem bushings can be removed from the factory arms, but in certain cases they might be deformed and you will not be able to re-use them. New bushings can be purchased from your Toyota dealer.

Tire Size vs. Lift Size

Slee 6" Kit

This kit will allow for fitment of a true 35" tire. For larger tires trimming or additional bump stops are required since the wheel wells are just not big enough.

Also tire size suggestions are made assuming stock wheels. However with a 6" lift we suggest that the width of the stance is increased. This can be done by using wheel spacers or different offset wheels.

Slee 4" Kit

This kit will allow for up to a 35" tire. For larger tires, we recommend going to the 6" lift.